The 5 Minute Warning

Do you have to count to 3 before your children make a move? Do you have trouble dragging your children away from their activity, to sit up for dinner...or leave the house...or, horrors, do a job? Let me make it easier for you to get your children's attention, and their buy-in to your request. Author [...]

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Sandbag Parenting

Are you fed up with the same-same of everyday parenting? The everyday routine of parenting life can feel a lot like endlessly shoveling dirt! You can find yourself feeling like you're failing, because you're not the fun parent you imagined you were going to be. You're worn out, uninspired and, frankly, a bit bored! Author [...]

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Max’s Dilemma

Max was 13 years old. Every day he caught the bus to school. Every month his parents gave him bus money, so he could be in charge of it and learn to budget – if he walked home instead of taking the bus, he would have a couple of dollars to save or to spend [...]

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Why do I do all the work around here?

      "Why do I do all the work around here?!"     This pathetic, plaintive cry was uttered by every small person in my house at one stage or another. Any intrusion into their abundant free time was resented.   Why work? Children have to learn how to work, because they're learning that [...]

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How’s lock-down going?

Has it been a looooong 3 weeks...or are you loving it? IdeasA parent recently asked me for some ideas to keep the children occupied at this time. So here's one:Stations! Most children like to know what's coming next, because a little bit of structure and predictability gives a sense of security. This activity is best [...]

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