DIY Nanny was born in response to the cry of many a weary mum’s heart – ‘I wish I had a nanny!’

Kindergarten training, and many years working as a nanny putting that training into practise, gave me a firm foundation on which to base my own parenting.

DIY Nanny is a platform from which I can encourage parents, and share strategies which will help you enjoy every season along the parenting path.

Many parents dream of being able to afford the luxury of employing a nanny; someone who is paid to be happy and energetic and keep your child busy and organised.  DIY Nanny aims to help equip you, the parent, with ideas, information, motivation and systems so that you can be that person (without the pay, sadly!); so you can enjoy and teach your children.

A bit of DIY Nanny philosophy.

A child learns through playing, and I believe structure and order are vital to give the framework in which a child can have the freedom to explore. Unlimited freedom can overwhelm a child, whereas age-appropriate boundaries let a child know what to expect, helping them feel secure.  Boundaries will help a child learn what order is and eventually how to create it for themselves.

Children have a right to live in a peaceful environment.  In using the word peaceful, I don’t mean our homes should be like a library or a museum!  Peace is not the absence of noise and mess, colour and tears and music – it is the condition of the heart and mind within the vibrancy and busyness of life.

For a child, peace comes when the grown-ups in their lives set reasonable boundaries, when these limits are known and reliable, and when parents interact calmly and kindly with one another and with the child.

Anxiety is the thief of a child’s peace.  It is not possible to get through life untouched by trouble and strife, but it is possible to parent well through difficult times, so that a child doesn’t live in a constant state of anxiety or fear.

Parents have a right to enjoy their children.  It’s easy to forget that an important part of a parent’s job is to play with their child.  Positive playtime with a parent raises a child’s sense of worth and peace.   A child at peace is so much more enjoyable to parent, than one who is constantly defiant or moody!

It is through games and fun and being along side a child, that personal values can be shared by the parent and absorbed by the child.  Winning and losing well, sharing and taking turns, helping and going the extra mile, tidying up at the end of the play time – these are all aspects of good character a child can learn during play time with a parent.  These life skills will be so much more deeply absorbed when they’re demonstrated by a parent, and enacted through play; far more so than if the child is only told and not shown.  So if, as a parent you struggle to enjoy playtime with your child, remind yourself that even 10 minutes of play will make a big difference to a child’s life.  This is definitely the time to fake it ’til you make it!

My vision is for every frustrated or bored or weary parent to be able to find encouragement and ideas to make parenting easier and more enjoyable.  Having a plan, even a fairly vague one, will do wonders for a person’s frame of mind!