• DIYnanny Wallets for Outcome Cards
    These adorable wallets are handmade locally (in Auckland) by a couple of dedicated worker bees who love colour and craft!
    They are made-to-measure specifically to fit a set of Outcome Cards.  Fabric pattern and colour options will change regularly.
    In this handy wallet, you can slip the cards into your back pocket or your handbag - take them to Grandma's, to the mall or to the cafe. No more cajoling, threatening, bribing or bargaining with your little ones in public!  Just whip out the wallet and have them choose a card!
    Although the wallets are designed for the Outcome Cards, they also fit standard business cards, loyalty and coffee cards...and they make excellent gifts for your cafe buddies!
  • Do you ever find yourself unable to think of a consequence for your child in the heat of the moment? Here's the answer: Outcomes Cards! You get to keep your cool, and your child has to choose a card from the pack and do the task or activity. They don't know what they're going to get, but whatever it is, it'll give both of you time to calm down and reassess the situation. There's also a chance they might get the Mercy card, and escape a consequence - this makes it slightly fun! On the plus side, there's a Reward Pack for when you want to encourage their good choices. There are two packs to choose from - the Junior Pack for 3yr - 10yr olds, and the Teen Pack for 10yrs + You get ten printed cards, and 5 blank ones for you to write your own ideas on. Give them a go!